Growing Up Being a Younger Sibling

Everyone always asks, have you and your brother always been close?! It’s always a harder question to answer because yes we were( and still are) close but we also had the sibling fighting. It’s common growing up to fight over things that seem so little now. You have those moments like ugh this brother ( or sister) of mine is getting on my nerves. I know sometimes my brother probably got tired of having a little sibling following him around.

My brother and I are about 4 years apart ( 3 years, 10 months, and 15 days). So we had the slight age gap that brought us close but was rough at times too. I wanted to be just like my brother. When he played ball, I wanted to play ball. When he learned to use the lawn mower, I wanted to learn. When he learned to shoot, I wanted to. I wanted to do everything he did. I also always wanted to beat him when we played games. To this day, the only thing I beat him at is Wii Boxing. I was competitive and would get upset because he could do things I could not and would beat me at everything.

That would be where a lot of our sibling fights and arguments came from. Because we would get upset over something the other did or got to do, or even from losing at something. Or because I broke a Star Wars toy… I still remember the family Scrabble game we played a long time ago. Of course my brother came up with some awesome word and I was like what word does this make. It was a stresser and I was young and got so upset. But this is something I look back on now and know has helped me become the women I am. I am still competitive but I am not a sore loser. I can shoot, tackle, hunt, and know the ins and outs of a baseball game. But I learned to never give up and that not all the time are you going to win. There is always someone that can do something better but it’s how you handle all the adversity in life that matters.

That’s what my brother has taught me and a glimpse at being a younger sibling. ❤👫🏼

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