The Greatest…Me

Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile. I think it has been about a year since my last blog post. I just ran out of ideas and inspiration to be honest. Starting last year, in January, I had to have my Gallbladder removed. So I had to take at least 6 weeks off from strenuous activity and exercise. That was one of the hardest things to do. I loved working out and was always wanting to do something. But I could not go to the gym and I had to be careful even lifting basic things. So I took that time off and after slowly got back into working-out.  But since then I never fully got back to the level I was at before my surgery. Mentally and physically. Now I am about 30lbs over what I was at. My motivation has been the hardest things to get back. Not just with physical fitness but  my professional life too. I guess you could say for awhile last year I hit a road block. In August I graduated from my one year Masters program and still felt kinda lost. I just did not know what I wanted to do. So I at least started apply for jobs so I could save money. By October I got a job and got back into apply for Athletic Training programs. I realized that is still what I want to do and I needed to take a leap. So I have been working and in November I found I got into a program. I still feel kinda lost but I am finding  my way again.

In January, one of my old high school teachers wanted to take me out to eat or see a movie. She wanted to hang out and get me out of the house since I had so personally issues happening. So she wanted to help me and we met to see a movie. We decided to go see a movie. We both wanted to see The Greatest Showman. That movie was so awesome and struck a cord with me, especially when the cast sang This is Me! It struck a cord with me because its about them telling the World that they are who they are. After that I went and bought the soundtrack and planned it nonstop the whole week.  The whole movie is about following your dreams and staying true to yourself. I just put what I have been trying to work on the whole year into focus. To focus and better myself,  be true to myself, follow my heart. The greatest me is being myself no matter what. If I’m 30lbs heavier that is ok, I’ll get it off eventually. If I do not know what the future holds for me, that is ok, take it one day at a time. I need to stop worry about others, my future, everything I can’t control. I just need to focus on me, and that is ok. ♥♥

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