♣ Letter to my younger self ♣

Dear my younger self, 


This is for all those moments when you were younger and had no idea who you were or what you wanted to do. This is for those moments when you thought you were ugly and fat. This is for those times you were teased because you were bigger than everyone else. This is for those moments you were lost but kept going. This is for those moments as you got older that you started to feel depressed. This is for all those times you kept dying your hair because you thought you needed your hair keep changing to feel beautiful. This is for all those times you were doubted and you doubted yourself. You are stronger because of all those things. You are a beautiful and strong young lady. All those people who were mean were just boogers who did not feel good about themselves. You are stronger then you feel. You will end up running over 1,000 miles, including 3 half marathons and one full. You will have lost 40 pounds thanks to running and then gain most of it back, but still feel just as beautiful. You will have cut and donated your hair twice and love the short hair. You will one day graduate college and make it to getting your Masters. You will have two wonderful fur baby dogs who love you. You have a wonderful family that loves and has supported you every step of the way. So keep on trucking. Live your life and do not care what others think. Keep running. Don’t worry about your weight, you will grow into it. Do worry that your feet are too big, they will still be big but you’ll find shoes that fit. Keep climbing the selves in your room and falling then doing it all over again. Keeping reading books into all ends of the night. Don’t be afraid to let others hear you singing because your voice is actually pretty good. Go with your heart because it knows what you really need to do. Love everyone even if they have hurt you because even they need to feel love. Do not feel bad about hitting that boy in the balls while playing tee-ball. Enjoy the little things in life even if they are road bumps. Keep on being the girl who loves dogs so much that she’d adopt everyone.. All of these things end up making you who you are

You will be ok


Linds today

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